Buena Vista Butterfly Farm Online Store

Release Boxes

*White organza Butterfly release box with satin ribbon and bow. Lid is easily removed with minimal disturbance to the Butterflies.

organza box
Large – 10” square will comfortably hold over 6 dozen Monarch size Butterflies. - $35.00 plus shipping & handling
Medium – 8” square will comfortably hold over 4 dozen Monarch size Butterflies. - $24.95 plus shipping & handling.


Painted Lady larva kit.

larvae kit 

*Contains 3 Painted Lady larva, soy based artificial diet, and Instructions included - $ 5.00.


Pop – up Emergence cage

emergence kit

These are pop up caddies which have been modified to create an affordable emergence cage. Instructions included - $10.00.

yellow bar

LIVE! Butterflies

Painted Lady Butterflies

painted lady

$5.00 each - $65.00/dozen - 3-5 dozen = $55.00/dozen - over 6 dozen = $50.00/dozen.


Red Admiral Butterflies

red admiral

$7.00 each - $75.00/dozen.


Mourning Cloak Butterflies

mourning cloak

$7.00 each - $75.00/dozen


Monarch Butterflies 


$9.00 each - $ 95.00/dozen - 3-8 dozen = $90.00/dozen. 
over 6 dozen = $85.00/dozen


Mixture of Butterflies

butterfly line

$75.00/dozen.  One dozen minimum.  

This is a combination of Painted Ladies, Monarchs, and Red Admirals or Mourning Cloaks depending upon availability.

Even after their natural demise, Butterflies continue to inspire with the pressed flower and Butterfly inspirational hanging display.  Each is individually handmade. 

Please allow for variations.
8x10 with one Butterfly - $20.00
8x10 with 2 Butterflies - $25.00
5x7 with one Butterfly - $15.00

We take pride in offering healthy, disease free Butterflies.  Each Butterfly is hand raised and inspected before sending them to your event.  The envelopes are then placed into an insulated box with an ice pack.  This keeps them cool and relaxed so they won’t stress during their journey to your special event.



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