Planning a Successful Butterfly Release

Butterflies are a great addition to any celebration, and weddings are certainly one of the best! Your Butterfly professional will work with you to help you plan one of the most memorable moments of your wedding.

Butterflies can be released outside during daylight hours on a sunny day or overcast day with a temperature above 60° F. Ideally, you should plan to let them fly free no later then two hours before sunset. This will allow sufficient time for them to nectar (eat) and to find a safe hiding place for the night.

Releases are not recommended in rainy weather. With proper planning your Butterfly professional can work with you to develop a foul-weather plan that will still enable the wedding event to include live butterflies. There are a wide variety of beautiful and appropriate display and release cages or boxes, which will provide an enchanting display of live Butterflies. With some flexibility the release can still take place during a break in the weather.

Butterfly releases should also be done in an area protected from the high winds or the Butterflies will quickly disappear. A sunny, warm, flower-filled garden area is best. The Butterflies first flight is usually very short, and they will instinctively fly towards the brightest object – the bride or people wearing bright colors – or towards flowers and bouquets.

There are a variety of methods for releasing at the event. One of the most popular ways is the release from individual envelopes. The individual release method allows the entire wedding party to participate in making a wish and releasing a Butterfly. Other family members or the entire crowd can be included if desired. The envelopes are placed in a basket for distribution to the participants and are easily opened allowing the Butterfly to emerge and take flight.

Another method of release is from a display cage or mass release box. This method of release involves less people but provides the same excitement. Many styles of cages and boxes are available depending on your specific need. Your Butterfly professional can help you with all these details.

Butterflies are shipped to the recipient via overnight shipping or in some cases hand-delivered. The Butterflies are generally packaged individually in envelopes for their protection. The small envelopes are placed in a box and then again in a cold-packed box for additional protection during shipping. This shipping method is most like the condition Butterflies experience during a cool night when they fold their wings in a resting position and are basically in a resting state.

Your Butterfly professional can offer additional instructions and help in planning and holding this special event.


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