The Buena Vista Butterfly Farm Story

I have always dreamed of standing in a field surrounded by Butterflies.  It was the happy place I would always go to when life got a little too tough.  One day I was at the memorial service for my supervisors’ niece, Gina, and her children released Butterflies.  Something inside me came alive.  When I got home that evening, I searched for information on raising Butterflies.  I have been a Social Worker for most of my adult life, and I felt this was an opportunity to do something to feed my soul. 
My husband is a General Engineering contractor who specializes in weed abatement.  The Butterfly farm is neutral territory, and a balance of man and nature. So my husband began rototilling chunks of land on the ranch, I planted, and planted and planted some more.  The first years were dedicated to planting my Field of Dreams.  I knew if I had planted the nectar plants, and allowed the host plants to grow, I could have a self sustaining Butterfly garden.  Now I look at those weeds that I had spent so many years trying to eradicate, and say with a smile, “that’s the host garden”.  You can plant pretty nectar flowers, and the Butterflies will fly in have a drink and move on.  Much like a fast food place.  BUT, if you leave the host plants for their offspring to live on, they will dine in, spend some time in the honeymoon suite, lay their eggs, and the cycle continues in your own backyard. 

That’s the Field of Dreams.

I grew up on a farm in Iowa, and really hated cleaning the manure on weekends, when my friends were going to movies and having fun.  I vowed I would never scoop poop again.  My family reminds me that now I have come full circle as I scoop caterpillar poop.  My only response to that is, “I use a tiny shovel now”.

We recycle and reuse as much as possible. We do not use toxic chemicals or pesticides and we conserve energy and water by changing our daily living habits.  We encourage others to do the same.  Everything we do has a cause and effect on our world.

Now I have a Monarch Waystation certified garden and I am the President of the California chapter of Butterfly rescue.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

This is dedicated to Gina Mussa, I never knew you, but I will always remember you.



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